Posted by: yachtanomaly | March 24, 2014

Saturday, March 22nd- Shroud Cay to Highbourne and Leaf Cays

I was sorry to leave Shroud Cay; it really was one of our prettiest and most interesting anchorages.
We had light winds, but Jon was able to sail Anomaly right off our anchorage. He certainly has gotten more confident in shallow water, not even starting the engine to hold our position while he hosed off the anchor rode. The winds were so light that he had to deal with a tangle in a tack line and the stack pack zipper got stuck on a batten again; just not enough wind to keep things fluttering and clear.

Within no time, we were anchored in the lee of Highbourne Cay, near where all the pleasure yachts from Nassau stay.
The Other Way to Do It

Carolyn Cartwright, the manager at Highbourne Cay greeted us like old friends and even let us call a Nassau marina on their direct line. Then we had a yummy lunch at Xuma Restaurant.

We bought some milk and headed back to Anomaly in the dinghy and then to the anchorage in Leaf Cay. The deep water was a bit crowded, and we ended up in an odd spot with a lot of changing banks of sand that we could see when we went for a swim. Later that evening, we actually bumped the bottom a few times as Anomaly swung in all directions with the current.

Jon said he shortened the anchor rode from 60 ft to 42 feet since he knew the anchor was in deeper water. But then the scope became closer to 2:1 presenting the danger of dragging. But by the time we bumped, it was already dark and the choices were to move in the dark to an uncertain spot, or stay put and bump the sand which is a bit like a mini earthquake but was really harmless.


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