Posted by: yachtanomaly | March 7, 2014

Wednesday, March 5- Rock Island Sound, Eleuthera to Highbourne Cay, Exumas

We really didn’t want to spend the 3 day front in Rock Island Sound, so we decided to risk the unreliable weather forecast and head to the Exumas, which are widely acclaimed to be the best of the Bahamas. So we weighed anchor at 9:15 in a rain shower which we quickly outran, still motoring past the shallows with coral heads. It’s really hard to “read” the shallows when the sun is behind clouds, but we got through ok.

By 11 or so we were having a fairly pleasant sail to Highbourne Cay marina. After very scary passages through several narrow cuts with again poor light, we entered the marina around 4:15. Jon’s sharp eyes picked out the slip we were assigned, #10, and a huge spotted eagle ray glided over to greet us. The two nurse sharks followed. Apparently, these sea creatures are tagged and treated as pets and they glide through the marina so as to visit the fish cleaning dock.

There was no breeze inside the small marina bay and we both got overheated. My insect bits were really burning so Jon ran after more ice ($6 / bag) while I soaked my feet in a bucket of saltwater. I certainly didn’t want to hang my feet over the rail with those “pets” swimming around! I got the bright idea to go stand in the waves off the marinas beautiful sand beach which provided much relief.

I’m really disappointed in these bites. They are so bad at times it threatens to ruin our trip. I never dreamed I would have this much trouble with insects. For two years we were so focused on getting here, and Jon especially worked so hard to “make it so”, that its very distressing. Jon has read up on all kinds of blogs and suggestions to deal with it. He even tried a remedy on himself that involved heating up a spoon and applying it to a bite to get it to release all the histamines at once (it was only partially effective). The locals seem surprised and can only suggest I continue to take Benadryl. One fellow on the yacht next to us is the first to say he also is covered in bites. My most recent bites are now surrounded by a huge halo of raised swelling, and some are beginning to blister. Its really awful!

It’s so still in the marina that Jon finally started using the air conditioning in the forward cabin. It made it much easier to sleep.

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