Posted by: yachtanomaly | February 26, 2014

Saturday, February 22- Departure

Sunny and warm with a cool breeze.
The shower at the marina has a nice view down the harbor. We had breakfast at Coffee Break where we tried grits, a yucky creamy white mush of corn. We tried sugar on them, but I later learned from several locals the preferred condiment is butter. Then Jon was off to the FedEx office in Myrtle Beach in Ron’s truck.

I had a brisk walk along the Harbor boardwalk, and on my return picked up some souvenirs and essentials: Carolina Gold rice from the Kaminski House museum store (“if you buy anything, take the Carolina Gold because you’re eating history”), 2 cinnamon rolls from Kudzu bakery ( pronounced Cud-zoo by Dr. Shep), and a large spoon and soup ladle from the nearby kitchen store. I also took a photo of Coffee Break from which I hope to paint a thank you card.

Jon’s package pick up was successful and we grabbed a BBQ pork sandwich from a street vendor before finally shoving off at 1:17 pm. We were sailing in wonderful conditions out towards the Atlantic by 2:05pm.

Bahamas here we come!

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