Posted by: yachtanomaly | February 26, 2014

Georgetown, February 21st – Robert Duvall Saves the Day

Stormy, thunder storm in afternoon.
I watched US hockey get shut out by Canada as I did laundry in the marina office and the worst of the lightening storm passed by. We’d had breakfast earlier at The Thomas which had a standard bacon, eggs and grits for 4.95
We also kept patronizing the Coffee Break where the owner Ron greets everyone who enters and his wife Mary served us.

Ron, who announced he is a lifelong surfer, looks very much like Robert Duvall. He is also incredibly generous. On only our second visit to his cafe, he offered us the use of his truck without us even asking. It turned out to be a huge help. We had intended to call a cab to restock some groceries which would have cost at least $20, but the real problem arose when it turned out that the only place that our repaired equipment could be sent was Myrtle Beach. AND, there were no rental cars to be had in Georgetown. Apparently they were all out to locals who were having their own ice storm damaged cars repaired.

So, we actually borrowed Ron’s truck twice during our visit here!

After a stressful trip with Jon rushing me through Walmart, we had a much nicer evening visiting with Shep and Deb on Kinkita and returning with them to the Wild Fish Grill where I had a very nice lobster bisque and finally got to try Hush Puppies which turned out to be slightly spicy dough balls with a honey butter dipping sauce.


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