Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 11, 2011

Weds., 10/5- Annapolis, Back Creek and Eastport

Sunny, cool mornings leading to nice temps

This morning, we took the dinghy to the main side of Eastport. Unfortunately, we discovered that Ah Coffee made awful mochas. They tasted like watery sweet chocolate.

I was surprised at the lack of proper floating dinghy docks for such a salty region. Apparently the lack of tidal range lends to a lack of concern about easy to use dinghy landings. You can leave your dinghy at the ends of most streets that dead-end on the water, but it’s a scramble up a vertical ladder from there. And we noticed many of the dinghys were locked.

At least the connectivity allowed Jon the ability to do more research and after several calls we settled the agonizing question of where Anomaly would be stored for up to a year. The delay required reorganizing of our travel arrangements too, with my return home being delayed 3 more days to Tuesday. If all goes well, Anomaly will be lying in a storage yard off Mobjack Bay which is 120 nautical miles away.

We stopped by the Rite Aid for convenient flu shots and then dropped our computers back at Anomaly before heading for a real coffee company. By then it was time for lunch, but it seems my favorite crab cake lunch place has changed hands. It’s not even open for lunch anymore, so we tried Armadillo’s which turned out to be very good. Jon was actually able to get a rare hamburger.

After lunch, we got our Starbucks coffees, but mine was ruined by his ordering picadillos. Jon always orders his mochas with non-fat milk with whipped cream, and the baristas almost NEVER get that right. Even though it’s written on the cup, they usually assume a non-fat order means no whip cream. And it almost always influences my drink too. This time, his drink was ok, but mine came out non fat AND no whip. I told them it was ok, not to waste it and maybe just put some whip cream on it, but, you guessed it, it tasted like chocolate water with the skim milk Another bad mocha- yuck

Things were pretty crazy with people and display hardware zooming all over the place setting up for the show, so we retreated to quiet Annapolis Landing where I did several loads of laundry.

Jon finds a boat just like his first, a Pearson Electra

20111011-110510.jpgthe tangle of dinghies at 6th St.


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