Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 11, 2011

Thursday, 10/6- Annapolis US Sail Show

Sunny and pleasant

Everyone is happy to have nice weather for the US Sail show today. The last time we were here, there was so much rain that the lower boat show area filled with water up to our knees in places.

Jon and I had a gourmet breakfast sandwich, with commensurate price tag, at the on site cafe. We were able to finish in time for the water taxi that rammed the dock so hard on our pick-up that he almost knocked me off it. We wound around the harbor and noticed, despite being told otherwise, that boats WERE anchored right in the main harbor and the water taxis were even picking people off their boats from there.

Made it in with half hour to spare to get our tix and Starbucks run. The show opened literally with a big bang! Someone was enjoying the yachting cannon. There were more people attending given our expectations due to the economy.

Jon kept on contact with Jim Gable throughout the day, and he was able to find us despite the traffic. We had a wonderful dinner with him visiting and catching up. Ironically, one of the ties that binds us all together, Steve Jobs, died yesterday

20111011-112215.jpgBoat show displays



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