Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 6, 2011

Sunday, 10/2- Birding in Cape May

Rain showers

Birding is a perfect hobby for a compulsive list-maker like me. I’ve just discovered I can load checklists from the Peterson guides website into my Peterson Birds iPad app. It lets you load the expected birds for a certain area by county and then you can check them off when you sight them.

The name of the game is adding to your life list. I have friends who travel all over the world just to see a bird that they can’t see in their home environs. The former president of Napa-Solano once teased about a common local bird that yes, it counted as a bird, but it wasn’t a “special” bird. So the real goal is to bag those special birds.

I haven’t gone as far as planning a trip solely to get those special birds, but I certainly don’t want to miss those that happen to be in the area I’m passing through. So when I checked the website of the world-famous Cape May Bird Observatory, I saw the great photos of the Brown Booby. I had to go see her.

Fortunately, Birding by Boat made it really easy aboard their little barge-like Osprey. They carried us all around the Cape May National Wildlife Area in perfect comfort. The windows could all be opened for great views, but we could close them against the cold when the boat moved quickly to new locations; I didn’t even realize it was raining. And the Brown Booby has gotten so used to visiting birders, that she almost seemed to pose for us on her adopted piling amongst the cormorants. She was the real star of the show.

After a hot lunch at Wallace’s mostly so we could warm up, we moved Anomaly out into the Cape May Harbor anchorage. It was fairly quiet out there except for the shouts from the cadets at the Coast Guard station, and a power boater who kept dragging anchor until Jon couldn’t stand it anymore. He got on the radio and gently suggested that he try letting out more scope. We later saw them anchored successfully

20111006-224124.jpgForster’s Terns

20111006-224143.jpgthe Obliging Brown Booby

20111006-224216.jpgI think she would have posed for us as long as we wanted



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