Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 2, 2011

Friday, 9/30- Atlantic City to Cape May

Mostly sunny

We spent the morning at the Starbucks on The Walk and then returned to Anomaly intending to leave right away, but Jon was embroiled in trying to resolve the chart plotter/ flash card issue. Again, I’ll let him describe that wonderful experience.

We had to motor-sail down the coast (the wind always seems to be on the nose no matter where we’re going!), and arrived at South Jersey marina around 6pm. The dock master was very nice and helpful. He recommended Lucky Bones over the more famous Lobster House for dinner, both within walking distance.

It’s immediately apparent that this is big game fishing territory. Big dead fish with pointy snouts adorn the boathouses and cottages that line the harbor. There’s a marlin over 1000 pounds in a display case by the marina office. A whiteboard displays a long list of all the game fish caught, and how their sizes compare to local and world records, who caught them and who captained the fishing boat. It’s a big deal here and we we lucky to get a spot here before the striped bass start running in a few weeks.

We never got to try Lucky Bones as it had over an hour wait, and Lobster House had even longer waits, but then we discovered the informal cafe/diner style eatery which served both it’s own and the Lobster House menu from the same kitchen. A short wait later we were enjoying cheerful service, almost instant food and good too. After Atlantic City, it was a real breath of fresh air. A real find!

We thought we’d go for a walk after dinner. Just a little tip: if you see lightening and hear thunder on this coast, run for cover! The storm descended and we were pinned down in a doorway for 20 minutes. We finally had to run for it, the umbrella hardly keeping my hair dry- the rest of me was pretty soaked.

20111002-172442.jpgGoodbye Atlantic City

20111002-174002.jpgthe Coast Guard sends you to Cape May for Bootcamp

20111002-174021.jpgthe commercial fishing fleet in Cape May Harbor


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