Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 21, 2011

Tuesday, 9/20- Essex to Port Jefferson

Cloudy and grey, rain showers

What a striking contrast to yesterday. Could already feel rain drops as we got underway at 7:30. I got a few shots of Connecticut river scenes then put the camera away, but not before confirming that those horses in the idlylic pasture scene were statues! The giveaway on film yesterday is that they had their cart yokes on while in the pasture.

Not a great day for sailing although we did have the sails up by 8:30. The weather worsened and it was quite rough pounding up the CT side of Long Island Sound. Jon changed tacks and it was smoother going near the New York side; Long Island protected us more from the SE winds that were coming from right where we wanted to go. Arrived in Port Jefferson just after 5 pm and picked up a mooring right off the dock of the Setauket Yacht Club.

Called Rosemary and Moustaffa and Jon and I were able to meet them near the Ferry terminal, for lack of a better landmark. Nancy and Tony tried the mediteranean restaurant where the owner recognized them instantly as visitors; he claims to know everyone in town. We walked up the main street and had dinner at a coal-fired brick oven pizza place, Napoletanos. We had a nice dinner of pizza and closed the place down just after 9 pm.

Jon and I had the gate combo and dinghy to get back to Anomaly after 9.

20110921-110738.jpgparting view of the Essex Yacht Club

20110921-110803.jpgMooring field

cottage along the Connecticut River


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