Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 21, 2011

Monday, 9/19- Essex

Perfect weather,
(although, Jon groused that it was just a normal day for us back home.)

Took awhile to get going while everyone had a nice shower in the Essex Yacht club. Jon and I took all the shower gear back to the boat in the dinghy and went for breakfast at the Essex Coffee and Tea House, while Nancy and Tony tried Marleys which they said was “ok”. I understand that the food was good, but the place itself was a bit grotty.

As Jon and I entered the coffeehouse, we noticed it seems to be a local hangout. A family was there together, but they had spread out and taken a table each. Fortunately, there was still one left for us. After coffee, we got a few provisions and wandered back to the boat, enjoying the beautiful weather. Jon and I ate on board, and then took Anomaly over to Brewers Dauntless Marina for fuel and water. Mark Ellis came by and said he would return shortly with Jim Eastland. We moved Anomaly over to the Essex YC dock.

Everyone showed up including Barbara Ellis and we gave Jim a tour where Jon got to show off all the custom designed features. Then we went out for a sail in very light winds while Mark and Jim followed in a Lyme motorboat, also an Ellis design, and took some nice photos. We even got the beautiful Escher inspired spinnaker flying. Unfortunately, I can’t put the pix here yet because we only have prints.

After the boat “workshop” we all met a short while later for the Black Seal Monday night special: 2 for $20 dinners. Jim joined us just for cocktails, and I teased Nancy that she didn’t miss the opportunity to flirt with Jim. He’s very charming and quite popular with the ladies.

It was still beautiful evening when we returned to the boat which made the crummy weather the next day that much more disappointing.

Essex park

20110921-105025.jpgIcecream shop, Essex Coffee and Tea further on

20110921-105048.jpgEssex Yacht Club

20110921-105105.jpgJim Eastland, Barbara, and Mark Ellis on Anomaly



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