Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 18, 2011

Saturday, 9/17- Shelter Island to Sag Harbor

Chilly winds, partly to mostly cloudy

Slept in a bit and didn’t leave Coecles Harbor until 10:30. Decided to go the long way since Sag Harbor is only 3 miles away. Motored then sailed back past Greenport and into the bottom fork of Long Island.

It was very chilly on the water, especially when the sun hid behind clouds. There were a lot of wind shifts. There were also a lot of people rushing around in fast boats in a hurry to get somewhere or pretending to be anyway. We had to watch the GPS closely today because there are a lot of shallow soundings all around the Sound.

Arrived in Sag Harbor around 2:30. Spent several hours walking around a town that looks like St. Helena or Los Gatos. In all, it was another name with caché that in reality was disappointing. The mooring is more expensive than Nuntucket even with the 5′ “off-season break” that the launch gave us, and the town isn’t nearly as nice. Plus it’s full of New Yorkers who are doing a good job of living up to their reputation for rudeness. We had a brtter time at dinner where we snuck into Capacino which specializes in Northern Italian cuisine. We thought the food was pretty good, and we were fortunate to get the last table before crowds of people showed up.

The water was nice and flat on the evening dinghy ride back to the boat.

20110918-103901.jpgGreenport, 2nd time around

20110918-103927.jpgTalking to the folks back home

Looking back at the dinghy dock and leaving under cloudily and even chillier skies the next day


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