Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 9, 2011

Tuesday, 9/6- Oak Bluffs, MV

Rain, warm and clammy weather
Started raining last night, becoming more of a downpour in the early AM. Jon went in to settle with the harbormasters office and get his disgusting breakfast pastry. The apple fritters at Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Bakery in Oak Bluffs are huge and he got a cinnamon roll too that is as big as the wheel on my garden cart back home!
We think the sailboat that came in last night and serenaded us with their Honda generator left without paying. Really chinzey of them since the rates have gone down to off-season, although there are still some tourists in town. We are glad to be in this semi-protected harbor rather than outside the breakwater at Vineyard Haven.
Braved the chop in the dinghy and settled on Island Grill for lunch. The food was quite tasty, and we got lots of attention as one of only 3 parties there. Many of the bars have big screen TV’s, but the US Open is rained out today.
Did some window shopping to make sure I didn’t miss anything and found a 4-court tennis complex in Niantic Park- yikes, $20 / hour for a court.
Returned to the boat and checked my Twitter favorites; if you get a list of subjects to follow to your taste, it can be quite addictive.

Jon in the rain at Harbormaster

Oak Bluffs Waterfront



  1. What?! No photos of the “disgusting breakfast pastry” or the cinnamon roll “as big as the wheel on my garden cart?” Enquiring minds curiosity is piqued.


    • We DO have a picture, but it doesn’t really convey the scale and it’s on Jons camera. Will try to post it, but just found a random hotspot; not good coverage without $$$$s

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