Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 4, 2011

Thursday, 6/30- Bar Harbor to Frenchboro

Warm and Sunny
Awoke to weather that was a strong contrast to yesterday- bright, clear, and sunny. We had free Internet from the Town of Bar Harbor, so I tried to notify everyone of our trip, then had to correct the erroneous URL that I’d sent for the blog on the first pass. That proved annoyingly difficult when I discovered the iOS does not have the ability to send Group emails bult in to it’s mail App.
View from mooring no. 1- Bar Harbor Inn
We’ve already done more sailing than most of last year, that is, I mean, proceeding without the motor. Today was another fine day for sailing. As we passed between Mt Desert Island and Egg Rock, we saw large n umbers of seals sunning themselves. I also counted two mature Bald Eagle pairs and at least 4 juveniles.
Egg Rock
The town of Frenchboro is highly rated by the cruising guide, but it was not a favorite of mine due to the dirty and crowded moorings. Apparently there is currently a dispute in town between newcomers and the Lunts who have operated the moorings for over 50 years. As a result, the Lunts are not allowed to charge for the moorings and they have not maintained them which means they are a weedy, filthy, slimy mess. It was disgusting to pull the line onto Anomalys deck.
The moorings are unmarked in any case, so you don’t know if you grabbing a private lobstermans mooring or a public one. We grabbed a nice clean one, and then moved to a slimy one after some neighboring yachtsmen told us they should have a rounded red float attached. Jon confirmed we had the right one with one of the Lunts while getting an earful about the town dispute. The moorings are so close together that at one point we were bumping against a dinghy belonging to a working lobster boat.
I tried to nap though the hours and hours of string trimming noise from an ambitious resident of the island, and later the droning of someone’s radio program and also the incessant talking of another yachtsman on his cellphone. Who says men cant talk a blue streak? Do you get the picture yet? Just a little too crowded for me here.

From my iPad
Lying Buck’s Harbor, Maine


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