Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 4, 2011

Independence Day – Buck’s Harbor, Maine

We are tied to a mooring here in Buck’s Harbor, waiting to see the result of a “severe thunderstorm watch” for the area. We intended to move on to Castine just to the northwest but took our time making use of the laundry facility here and then this pops up on the Sirius satellite weather: “HAIL TO 2 INCHES IN DIAMETER…THUNDERSTORM WIND GUSTS TO 70 MPH…AND DANGEROUS LIGHTENING ARE POSSIBLE IN THESE AREAS”.

And on the live doppler radar there DO seem to be some intense cells up by Bangor, moving our direction at around 20 knots. So back onto the mooring which we know is secure, to see what happens.

We sailed from Bar Harbor to Frenchboro on Long Island three days ago, then just a few miles to McGlathery Island, then to Center Harbor on the Eggemoggin Reach, and yesterday into Buck’s Harbor here. The sailing has been pretty good each day, wind 5 to 10 knots from the SW through the SE, occasionally up to 15. The lobster post were absurdly close together near McGlathery, less than a boat length apart in large areas. With a catamaran you would be running these over port and starboard – no choice, they are just too close together.

Bar Harbor to Buck's Harbor via Frenchboro, McGlathery, and Center Harbors

We did actually hook one for a short while, by the time I got the knife rigged to cut it free it came loose on its own. Here is a shakey hand held video of the buoys we ran through just out of McGlathery Island. They have thinned out considerably by the time I got the camera out, when we were in the thick of them there was no time to do anything but weave.

Here is a still picture of a typical set. The buoys are about 18 inches long, you can do your own estimate of the distance between them:

Lobster buoys have replaced rocks as the primary navigational hazard in Maine

Frenchboro on Long Island was a picturesque harbor, one just had to ignore the string trimmer buzzing all afternoon and the radio blaring from the shore to soak in the ambience:

Frenchboro Harbor on Long Island, Maine

We walked around the island a bit, there was a pond behind town with numerous frogs making the oddest croaking sounds:

The odd sounding frogs of Frenchboro pond

The next day after hanging about to get lunch at the Dockside Cafe we sailed for McGlathery Island, one of the Merchant Row islands south of Deer Island.


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