Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 19, 2010

>10-1-10 Chester to Mahone Bay


Friday- Grey and foggy, humid fog, sun, then rain

Ann writes:

We had a rough night bobbing up and down like a cork on the mooring ball. Very few signs of life in Chester. We followed Captain Cheryl Barr’s route in the Nova Scotia Cruising Guide past Indian Point. I tried to guess which house was hers. It was windy, but we didn’t sail because there were a lot of rocks to avoid.

A modest cottage on a private island in Mahone Bay

The village of Mahone Bay looked more promising than Chester except for the zombies that appeared to be all over town. Once ashore, we discovered we had arrived during the annual Great Scarecrow Festival. 

Three churches at the head of the harbor are Mahone Bay’s postcard

We had a nice late breakfast at Eli’s where I had a delicious smoked salmon omelette, but don’t order the mochacino. It was so sugary I had to throw it out. Once fortified, we were able to cruise through all the shops, even the shoe store sale. 

There were tourists all over town for the Scarecrow Festival

 We hurried back to the boat around 3 because the weather looked really threatening, and we didn’t want to get drenched in the dinghy, but it didn’t start until 11 that night. I cooked dinner on board and spent the evening painting.

Jon writes:

We motored to the town of Mahone Bay and picked up a city mooring off the wharf. The town was having a festival going into the weekend and crowded with tourists – us among them. There turned out to be many famous residents of the town:

The Harem of Mahone Bay

The Witches of Mahone Bay

Alice’s friends from Wonderland and the Looking Glass

Political Dignitaries

Many rock stars live there

Very nice local couple with colorful hairdoos

‘Anomaly’ is currently on the hard in Somes Sound, Mt. Desert Island, Maine


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