Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 9, 2010

>9-24 Country Harbour to Liscombe Mills


Friday- grey drizzle, cool and wet.

Ann writes:

     I’m still dozing a lot; I don’t see how I can sleep so much. Maybe the drugs are still in my system. The only points of interest were the Cranberry Point Lighthouse that has a strangely shaped outbuilding next to it, and the bald eagle we disturbed in the channel on the way in.  We arrived at Liscomb Lodge marina around 3, and Chester answered the radio and came to help us tie up. Said he’d worked there 33 years.

Liscomb Light at Cranberry Point on Liscomb Island

    We tried to warm up with specialty coffees in the lounge. There was no fireplace and 2 drinks were over $20. Dinner later was very expensive and Jon’s planked salmon was dry. My Digby scallops were good, but the chive risotto was a bit undercooked and tasteless. I’d recommend the blueberry crumble over the chocolate trio.
     It’s quite wet and grey which doesn’t help the ambiance. The river is nice even though the organic matter gives it quite a tawny brown appearance. Liscombe Lodge has a large building with hotel style rooms, but I’d go for the little cabins along the river if I had to pick. They’re really cosy looking and it looks like each one has it’s own fireplace.

Jon on lawns sloping down to Liscomb River
Ann admiring the hydrangeas

BTW- this area can’t seem to agree whether the spelling is Liscomb or Liscombe.

Jon writes:

After weighing anchor and getting the thick mud washed off the anchor and chain, we began motoring in light winds down the coast 30 miles to Liscomb. The Liscomb Lodge is about 8 miles up the harbor and river, and is a large hotel and conference center run by the province of Nova Scotia. The channel is narrow but marked, and we arrived at a somewhat ramshackle dock wondering if that was really it. But Chester, the marina manager for 30 years answered on VHF to say go ahead and tie up, just don’t tie to the Hurricane Earl damaged bits. We were the only one there in what is supposed to be a very popular spot. You get the run of the resort (hiking trails, indoor pool, etc.) included in your $40 berthing fee. We ate at the restaurant famed for its cedar planked salmon (perhaps living on its reputation?).

View of ‘Anomaly’ in the Liscomb River from the restaurant deck
If you were looking for a secluded quiet week in the woods, this might be a good place. The setting is beautiful and the cabins are oh-so-cute.

‘Anomaly’ is currently lying Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine


  1. >just wanted to let you know that I continue to enjoy your trip, not as much as you, perhaps, but it is still enjoyable to read. lloyd hermanNonsuch 30 U RendezvousPort Washington, NY

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