Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 16, 2010

>9/2- NewLostLand


Ann writes:

Thursday- Woke up to low fog, the land was gone. Departed at 8 am with 1/4 mile visibility at best. The sun seemed like it would break through, then it would close in again. Not cold like SF fog, however.

Typical Newfoundland Vista- where is the land?

I was surprised that I could go below and read comfortably even though we were rolling a bit. The wind finally picked up and we were able to sail the rest of the way to Harbor Breton. We finally started to see some hazy outlines of land around 3:30 or so. We were docked at the public wharf by 6:45.

I was a bit unsettled that the Southeast wind really blows through this harbor. We passed the marina on the way in and the two piers seem full of small boats; I’m doubtful Anomaly will fit in there. There are mostly private residences around the wharf, but fortunately one bargain grocery store. The main part of town is beyond a low bridge.

I had a nice conversation with the store clerk and he said hurricane Earle is now due to pass more over the west coast and directly over Labrador (La bruhDOOR). Here in Harbour Breton they’re expecting winds of only 45 kilometers (24 kts). We bought a few things we probably don’t really need, but want to stock up since everything is probably going to be closed SU/MO for Labor Day.

Jon writes:

We made an instrument departure from Ramea, there being only 75 yards or so visibility in heavy fog. This involves navigation by GPS chartplotter, confirmed by radar overlay (because many of the charts of the area are based on surveys in the late 1800’s). We had to motor more than half the distance before the wind increased from behind to 8 knots, then sailed to the harbor entrance. Harbor Breton is a long bay running some 8 miles north into the rock of Newfoundland. About a mile in, there is a smaller harbor running southwest, turning around to northeast and in doing so almost completely encircling Gun Hill. The town of Harbor Breton is laid out on both sides of this harbor, with a bridge running between. We spent one night on the public fishing float and explored the town by bicycle. I made enquiries at the town hall about the marina on the other side of the harbor, reputedly available for transient yachts but seeming somewhat full of small powerboats. The receptionist did not seem to know much about it, but later than evening Palmer, the Town Superintendent, came down and suggested that we move to the marina, they had moved moved boats to make space. He offered us a ride to the small RV campground where the only coin op laundry was, and offered us the loan of his truck to do some grocery shopping: all in all, making us feel quite at home!

‘Anomaly’ is currently lying Baddeck Harbor, Nova Scotia


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