Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 29, 2010

>The trip from Montreal to Quebec


went easier than we expected. We locked through the 7 locks before Montreal faster than Jon expected, so we spent more time in Montreal, and left on Friday 7/16. We seemed to have a knack for departing and arriving in the rain. A squall caught up to us when we arrived in Montreal, and we departed the 16th as the humidity got so oppressive it starting coming down in a drizzle. We discovered the weather is a little bit like Hawaii. Umbrellas are the protection of choice because it’s just too darn hot and sticky to put on a raincoat.
Jon seeks protection with our new umbrella
The countryside was lovely green fields filled with silos and churches.
One of the many churches along the way.

We anchored off Trois Rivieres overnight which was ok, but the water seemed dirty because it was almost black.  We surmised it was from the outtake of the paper mill nearby. 
 The next day started out sunny and there were more large ships to avoid.  These didn’t have to go through the locks and it was a good thing since it didn’t look like they could!
7/17, 12:30:  This one looked a bit unstable
The weather clouded up in the afternoon, a common occurance, and dark clouds chased us into the Marina- Port of Quebec.  By the time we got to the lock to enter, it was thundering and coming down hard.  The scariest part was the wind and the downwind berth.  However, we continue to be amazed by the staffs in these marinas.  Two people came out to lend a hand, and Jon was able to get us in without incident.  In California, you wouldn’t get any assistance at all!

SAT, 7/17, 7:30pm:  Jon wrestles Anomaly into our berth in Quebec


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